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Text Box: The Day Spa Package - Bath & Brush

The Mini Groom includes everything in our Bath and Brush Package along with a little extra trimming. Feet can be neatened up and pads trimmed. The face with be neatened up so your pet can see without hair in the way. Ears are plucked if needed and the sanitary/private areas will be tidied and clipped.  Glands are done upon request in the external fashion and pet owner will be alerted if they are impacted and need to be done internally by a vet.

Text Box: The Mini Treatment Package

For when your pet needs “The works” . Includes everything in our Bath and Mini Groom package and a Full all over body Haircut. Haircut can be a creative cut to where the owner decides what they like or a standard breed trim. Telling us to do whatever we want also works well and happens pretty often. We can give you ideas to what we think might fit your pet.

Text Box: The Royal Treatment Package—Full Clip

We have green tea shampoo available this spring as our special scent.  Also Furminator treatments are available for pets with heavy shedding coats.

Text Box: Fun Stuff!

Your pet with receive a warm hydro bath , followed by a conditioning treatment. We follow this with a blow out to remove excess fur. An ear cleaning and a full hand drying come next. We will do a full brush out and a nail trim to finish up. All pets will receive a special facial product used to assist in removal of new facial stains that is also tearless. All allergy prone pets will receive a non scented, hypo version of all products used .

Text Box: Bark Pet grooming
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