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About Us

Phone: 919-665-9767

E-mail: barkgrooming@gmail.com


Please be aware that as of Feb. 2013 we are experiencing high volumes of calls and emails for appointments. Feel free to pre-book your next appointment time while dropping off or picking up your pet from grooming.

  We have been professionally grooming since early 2003, we have worked with almost all breeds from adorable mixed breeds to several more unusual breeds.

  Our education comes from Nash Academy of Animals Arts in Lexington.  This is one of the top schools in the country and several trainers have appeared as Judges and experts on Animal Planet and “Groomer has it”. This is not an online school and instead an intense hands on school where you work on anything from a short haired Chihuahua to an award winning show dog. The courses are full time for several months.  

  We also pride ourselves in attending as many continued education classes and events in the dog world as we possibly can. All of our products and techniques are up to date in the grooming world.

  We generally get pets onto a 2 to 6 week schedule to ensure we are able to groom them in our usual hour to hour and a half time frame.  Just call us and ask if you have any questions.

Please ask to be booked for Kathy if you have a Teacup, toy  or small breed. We are one of the few places in Raleigh accepting and specializing in small breeds.

To contact us:

Text Box: Bark Pet grooming
(919) 665-9767