Grooming!How often?

Text Box: This section explains how often you should groom your pet and when to start.
Grooming usually starts at 8-10 weeks of age with most breeds . Sometimes it is recommended that you start with just a Bath & Brush or Mini Groom as all you want to do the first visit is have the puppy learn and understand that grooming is a normal part of life.  They will get to know the dryer, clipper noise, scissor noise, and what a bath and nail trim feels like. 
Text Box: Short haired pets- 
Text Box: Most short haired pets only need a Bath and Brush out every 2 to sometimes 8 weeks. Regular grooming prevents the massive coat blowing throughout the shedding season.  Since each time the pet is groomed the dead coat is blown and removed while leaving less and less to shed in your home.
Text Box: Medium and Longer haired Pets- 
Text Box: These pets actually need comb-outs done in order to prevent tangles and knots. Especially behind the ears, on legs and the hind area.  Grooming is recommended every 3 - 5 weeks depending on the coat type (cottony, stringy, etc) Some pets such as thin coated Spaniels can go 6 weeks without too much trouble. Border Collies and similar breeds are usually fine with a grooming 6 - 8 weeks.
Text Box: Small , Medium and Large Pets that required Haircuts - 
Text Box: It is a must to brush these pets out at least once a week at home. Grooming should start during puppy hood at 8 - 10 weeks if possible. They may not have much hair at the time but it’s a great time to have them understand what grooming is at a young age. Pets who start at an older age are more likely to be scared of the noises, paws and face being touched, they are more likely to spend the whole time trying fighting off this “new thing”. While Puppies just wonder what all the fuss is and why are we trimming hair off them while usually staring or smelling things.  Grooming is recommend  every 4 - 6 weeks for most breeds. While some Terriers or mixed breeds may experience slow hair growth and they are able to get away with grooming every 6 - 12 weeks without looking too Fuzzy and Tangled. 
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